Life Coach

A few years ago I took early retirement from law practice and consulting and dedicated myself to life coaching and art.

What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is a process through which one would realize how to reach a goal. The goal can be anything that one wants, feels and desires to achieve.  It can be as simple and specific as, choosing a major in college or wanting to change career, and it can be as broad and complex as, wanting to be happier and more satisfied with life.


Coaching is about future.  It is about strategy that is forward looking towards one’s goals.  Through the process a positive outlook and a new paradigm is developed, and one gains confidence about things that are important to them.

My Style of Coaching


Through periodic meetings and in partnership with clients, I facilitate for them to explore and realize their beliefs, attitudes and habits.  Through peaceful and calm discussions clients begin to develop skills and strategy towards self-awareness about things that are important to them.   Clients then develop a sustainable habit that helps them to be clear about their choices, their purpose, and their goals.